Services: Email, Calendar, CRM, Etc.


  • Create and maintain systems to organize inbox
  • Prepare emails in draft form for quicker responses
  • Unsubscribe from and delete all junk mail
  • Create and maintain folder systems
  • Out-of-office responses, signatures, auto-responses
  • Schedule emails for future delivery


  • Outlook, Google, iCal
  • Full delegation to and management of calendar
  • Sync and manage scheduling apps (Calendly, vCita, etc.)

CRM Management

  • Data import, export and tracking
  • Update contact information
  • Create and track mailings
  • Create and maintain tags/categories and labels for future scheduling
  • Document import


  • Full contact management (add, delete and dedup lists)
  • Group contact management
  • Export for mailing lists, merging or updating
  • Merry contacts in with CRM records

Virtual Meetings

  • Zoom, WebEx, Skype, etc.

Newsletter and Surveys

  • MailChimp (and other) campaigns and newsletters
  • Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo, Zoho, etc.